2014: A Medieval Experience

The Artisans

2014: The Elizabethan Session

2014: In the Air or the Earth

Askew Sisters

2011: To Drive the Cold Winter Away

Dufay Collective

2010: Through Lonesome Woods

The Askew Sisters, WildGoose Records

2009: An Invite from the Queen: A Musical in a Book

HMDT publications

2009: The Axford 5

The Askew Sisters & Craig Morgan Robson, WildGoose Records

2008: Rising Folk 2

Various artists - ProperMusic

2008: Beyond the Quay

Tom and Barbara Brown, WildGoose Records

2007: All in a Garden Green

The Askew Sisters, WildGoose Records

2007: Nightvisiting

Bella Hardy, Noe Records

2005: Six By Two

The Askew Sisters, WildGoose Records

2002: A Very English Sound

Hampshire Recorder Sinfonia

"One of the rising young stars of the new interest in English folk music. Doug Bailey, Wild Goose Records
Emily Askew