JANUARY 2016Back to top
8th Askew Sisters
The Goose is Out
website London
9th Askew Sisters and Ben Moss
Oxford Ceilidhs
website Oxford
10th Ceilidh Factor
Family Ceilidh
10th Askew Sisters
Walthamstow Folk Club
website London
14th Alma
Islington Folk Club
website London
FEBRUARY 2016Back to top
2nd Askew Sisters
Middle Temple Hall - British Council Shakespeare Celebration
  Temple, London
11th The Artisans
Unescape 15th Anniversary Party
12th Ceilidh Factor
Ceilidh Club - London Welsh Centre
20th Ceilidh Factor
Middle Temple Hall
Performance for Nell Gwynn at the Apollo Theatre
Feb 22nd, 25th, 29th
March 3rd, 7th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 21st, 22nd
April 4th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 21st, 25th, 28th,
MARCH 2016Back to top
5th Ceilidh Factor
9th Alma
Cecil Sharp House
website London
18th Norwich Folk Club website Norwich
19th Ceilidh Factor
Ceilidh Club - Baden Powell House
31st Askew Sisters
Islington Folk Club
website London
APRIL 2016Back to top
9th Ceilidh Factor
Ceilidh Club - Baden Powell House
15th A3 Ceilidh Band
Knees Up Ceilidh, Cecil Sharp House
22nd Askew Sisters
Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival
website West Sussex
22nd Dr Faustus - Passion in Practice (Ben Crystal): Sam Wanamaker Playhouse    
23rd Askew Sisters
British Library Shakespeare Celebration with Ben Crystal
website Kings Cross, London
26th Joglaresa
Dulwich Festival
MAY 2016Back to top
1st Askew Sisters
Hitchin Folk Club
website Herts
5th The Artisans
St Salvator's Chapel, St Andrews
  St Andrews
6th The Artisans
Schools Workshops, St Andrews
7th The Artisans
Dunblane Cathedral
8th The Artisans
Pollok Arts Society
26th Emily Askew Band
Islington Folk Club
JUNE 2016Back to top
3rd Alma - Album Launch
The Foundling Museum
16th Askew Sisters
Stroud Green Festival
website Stroud Green, London
24th Ceilidh Factor
Ceilidh Club
25th Alma
website Aylesbury
28th Alma
The Portland Arms, Cambridge
JULY 2016Back to top
2nd Askew Sisters
Villages Music Festival
website East Sussex
3rd Askew Sisters
'Running Wild' - Contemporary Dance Show with Darren Ellis at Greenwich World Cultural Festival (this will also include a duo performance)
website Eltham Palace, Greenwich
20th The Artisans
Moreton Hampstead Parish Church
website Devon
21st The Artisans
South Tawton Church House,
website Devon
22nd The Artisans
Glastonbury Abbey
website Somerset
24th Askew Sisters
website Aldershot, Hampshire
AUGUST 2016Back to top
5th Ceilidh Factor
Henley on Thames
19th Askew Sisters
Royal Festival Hall Foyer
website Southbank, London
22nd, 23rd Askew Sisters
Whitby Folk Week
website Whitby, North Yorks
29th Ceilidh Factor
SEPTEMBER 2016Back to top
3rd Ceilidh Factor
19th Askew Sisters
Folk on Monday, The Green Note
website Camden, London
26th Askew Sisters
Colchester Folk Club
website Essex
30th Alma
Derby Folk Festival
OCTOBER 2016Back to top
14th Alma
English Folk Expo
24th Alma
The Green Note
NOVEMBER 2016Back to top
7th Emily Askew Band
Green Note
DECEMBER 2016Back to top
5th Emily Askew Band
Tonbridge Folk Club
10th A3 Ceilidh Band
Meltdown Ceilidhs
"Emily Askew has star quality - she lights up the stage when she plays. Richard Benjafield, Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Emily Askew